4 steps of shoulder and neck massage|Tell you the correct massage method and precautions!

4 steps of shoulder and neck massage|Tell you the correct massage method and precautions!

Whether office workers sit for a long time, often use 3C products with their heads down, or have poor standing and sitting postures, they are prone to shoulder and neck pain problems. At this time, shoulder and neck massage is very necessary to relieve the discomfort of muscle pain, but you know the right one Shoulder and neck massage method? This article will share with you the 4 steps of correct shoulder and neck massage and the precautions during massage, helping you learn the methods of shoulder massage and neck massage.

How to do neck massage and shoulder massage? 4 steps to help relax your shoulders and neck

When massaging the shoulder and neck, in addition to paying attention to the distribution of muscles and finding the sore parts, the order of massage will also affect the effectiveness of the massage. It is recommended to follow the following 4 steps for shoulder and neck massage.

1. Massage from neck to shoulder

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Modern people use 3C products such as computers and mobile phones for a long time, and the neck muscles often maintain a “head down” movement, resulting in a stiff neck. At this time, you can massage along the lines of the neck from the neck to the shoulders to soothe the neck muscles .

2. Press and gently rub shoulders

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After relaxing the neck muscles, you can start to press the shoulders along the lines of the muscles, lightly knead the muscles above the collarbone, and relax the muscles that are usually overly tense due to shrugging.

3. Massage the muscles inside the scapula

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Press the muscles on the inner side of the scapula with your thumbs. This part of the muscle connects the shoulders to the neck. Pressing really helps to relax the shoulders and neck.

4. The massage part extends to the upper arm

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The order of the massage is from top to bottom, and the muscles of the neck, shoulders and upper arms are relaxed by pinching and kneading, so that the stiff muscles of the upper body are relieved.

Shoulder, neck and back massage usually requires the assistance of others, but if you want to relieve shoulder and neck pain by yourself, you can use massage equipment to assist. For example, the muscle relaxation fascia gun is a good shoulder and neck massage equipment. The way of vibration precisely strikes acupuncture points, relaxes deep muscles, and easily relieves muscle soreness, but you must pay special attention to moderate use, not the more painful the better.

3 major acupuncture points for shoulder and neck massage|Understanding the distribution of acupuncture points can make shoulder and neck massage more effective!

When doing shoulder and neck massage, in addition to paying attention to the order, if you can press specific acupoints, you can also improve the effect of the massage. The following three common shoulder and neck massage acupoints are introduced for you:

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Shoulder and neck massage point: Fengchi point

Fengchi point is located at the back of the neck. There is a slight depression at the junction of the hairline, one on the left and one on the left. When massaging, you can use two thumbs to massage from top to bottom to relieve headaches and neck tension.

Shoulder and neck massage point: Jianjing point

Located at the middle point between the middle of the neck and the outer edge of the shoulders, there is one on the left and right. You can use your thumb to repeatedly press the Jianjing point to relax the muscles of the shoulders, relieve headaches, stiff neck and other symptoms.

Shoulder and neck massage point: Gaohuang point

The Gaohuang point located on the inner side of the scapula has the function of reconciling the whole body’s qi and blood, and can relieve various symptoms of human fatigue. It is recommended to use the thumb or elbow to press on the point to relieve shoulder and neck pain.

4 precautions for shoulder and neck massage, how to massage correctly to avoid injury?

1. Use essential oils to reduce skin friction

It is recommended to use essential oils or lotions during massage. In addition to reducing friction and avoiding skin injuries, essential oils can also relax the body and improve the effect of massage.

2. Do not massage the injured part arbitrarily

The effect of massage is limited to relaxing tense muscles, and cannot improve the problems of muscle strain and inflammation. If you have muscle pain, it is recommended to consult a professional physician. Do not press the injured part at will, so as not to aggravate the injury.

3. Avoid carotid and vertebral arteries during massage

3. Avoid carotid and vertebral arteries during massage

4. Precautions for using the massager

If manual massage cannot relieve shoulder and neck pain, massage equipment can be used to assist and enhance the massage effect. However, special attention should be paid to the moderation when using it. It is not that the more painful the better, the parts to be used should especially avoid joints, small muscles, blood vessels or nerves.




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