Massage Gun Usage Guide: Master 3 Principles to Avoid Injury!

Massage Gun Usage Guide: Master 3 Principles to Avoid Injury!

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Massage gun usage guide

Why relax fascia and muscles?

Before introducing the fascia gun (massage gun), it’s important to understand the benefits of relaxing fascia and muscles. In addition to muscle damage, muscle pain after exercise can also be caused by tight fascia. Therefore, in addition to stretching and relaxing the muscles after exercise, it’s also important to relax the fascia, but fascia is often difficult to relax through stretching and massage, and must be assisted by massage tools such as the fascia gun to restore the elasticity of the fascia and relieve muscle pain.

In fact, relaxing muscles and fascia is not only needed by athletes, but also by homemakers who often do repetitive household chores and office workers who sit in front of computers for long periods of time, which can lead to muscle tension, muscle pain, and neck and shoulder pain.

Fascia gun massage principle | Why can the fascia gun relax fascia and muscles?

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What is the massage principle of the fascia gun?

The fascia gun mainly uses the mechanical principle of vibration to apply continuous, deep pressure to the muscles and fascia, breaking and relaxing the tense parts of the muscles and fascia. During the vibration process, the temperature of the muscles increases and blood circulation improves, achieving a relaxing effect, and speeding up the elimination of muscle fatigue and restoring muscle function.

Many people question whether using their hands to massage the muscles can also achieve the same relaxing effect. In fact, our muscles have high toughness and thickness, and simply using the strength of our hands to massage the muscles can only stay on the surface of the muscles and cannot effectively perform deep massage. Therefore, this is where the fascia gun comes in to help.

What are the effects of a fascia gun?

The main effects of a fascia gun are to relax muscles and fascia, helping athletes recover from muscle fatigue quickly, and maintain performance. Additionally, it can also be used to relax the body if muscle tightness occurs due to prolonged standing or sitting.

How to use a fascia gun correctly?

Using a fascia gun is simple, just follow these 3 principles:

1. Choose the appropriate massage intensity.

Most fascia guns can adjust the frequency of vibration, and it is recommended to choose the appropriate massage intensity.

For beginners, it is suggested to start with the lowest vibration frequency when using a fascia gun, and adjust the intensity when you feel the pain in your muscles after your body has adapted to it.


Due to the vibrating method, the feeling of pain will be reduced. Directly using a high-intensity frequency with a fascia gun may cause injury without realizing it, as it may exceed the muscle’s tolerance range. Different parts of the body require different levels of intensity, and adjusting the intensity in time can improve the massage effect.

2. No need to press heavily.

When using a fascia gun, just place it on the surface of the skin and move it up and down slowly without applying heavy pressure. Additionally, instead of only putting the center of gravity on the painful point, change the angle from time to time, so that the surrounding muscles of the pain point can also be massaged, making the effect even better.

Because muscles are related to each other, for example, bending your arm for too long while sliding your phone will cause muscle tightness in other parts of your body, such as your neck or back. By switching the angle, you can massage these related muscles at the same time, which can improve the overall effect.


When you feel that the force is not enough, you can adjust the frequency of the fascia gun. In addition to saving effort, it can also prevent the hand from being paralyzed by rapid vibration.

3. Massage each area for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

The vibration frequency of the fascia gun is fast, so there’s no need to stay in one area for too long. When you encounter a “pain point,” stop for about 30 seconds to 1 minute for best results. Prolonged focus on one spot can cause muscle injury and bruises.


Your body can relax with the use of the fascia gun, avoiding conflict with the force of vibration.

4. Choose a suitable massage head.

Head selection is important and must be based on the massage area to achieve a relaxed and safe result.he following 6 massage heads are the most common:

1. Bullet head: for deep muscle, enhance local pain points

2. Flat round head: largest contact area with the body, suitable for full-body muscle flat pushing

3. Pneumatic head: gentle and close to the body, suitable for soft tissue and muscle relaxation

4. Large round head: suitable for full-body small and large muscle

5. Small round head: suitable for full-body small and large muscle

6. Fork head: suitable for neck and spine muscle on both sides

Avoid these 3 areas

1.Bone joint and nerve-intensive areas.


During massage with a fascia gun (massage gun), avoid bone, bone joint, and nerve-dense areas such as the spine, knee, elbow, etc. to avoid nerve and bone damage.

The safest massage areas are large muscle groups (thigh muscles, bicep muscles) as directly pressing the fascia gun on bones increases the risk of bone displacement.

2. Injured areas cannot be massaged arbitrarily

If there is obvious pain in the muscles, it may be inflamed or injured, and if there is an open wound, do not use a fascia gun to avoid making the injury worse. It is recommended to seek the assistance of a professional doctor as the fascia gun is intended to relieve tight and stiff muscles rather than treat already injured muscle tissues.

3. Avoid neck and spine area

The spine and neck are full of nerves and blood vessels, for example, two carotid arteries and two vertebral arteries near the neck. During massage, avoid these 4 blood vessels as much as possible to avoid vascular damage and serious symptoms such as artery detachment, cardiovascular occlusion, or even stroke caused by fascia gun. In short, do not use the fascia gun on the spine or neck.

What’s the difference between fascia gun and other massage tools?

Before the fascia gun appeared, the most common tools were massage rollers and massage balls, both of which are static massages. Although some muscles may not be massaged due to tool restrictions and more time is required, they still achieve relaxation effects.

The advantage of the fascia gun is that it quickly massages deep into the muscles through high-speed vibration, giving a noticeable effect in a short amount of time.




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