Mini massage gun recommendations|Comparing 3 popular products completely, find the small massage gun that suits you

Mini massage gun recommendations|Comparing 3 popular products completely, find the small massage gun that suits you

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In 2020, the COVID-19 global epidemic is raging, which affects the daily life of many people. For those who cannot go out for massage or SPA, they can only use massage equipment at home to relax tense muscles, so there is a wave of massage guns. Among them, the mini massage gun is favored by many users because of its convenient portability. Do you know how to choose a mini massage gun? This article sorts out the key points for purchasing mini massage guns, and recommends and compares 3 popular mini massage guns to help you find the most suitable product and enjoy professional-level massage.

How to choose a mini massage gun? Master the 4 key points to easily relieve the muscles of the whole body

The mini massage gun is relatively small, which is very suitable for office workers or sports enthusiasts who often stay outdoors. However, there are many choices of mini massage guns on the market. How to choose the most suitable product? This article sorts out the selection points of 4 mini massage guns to help you choose a mini massage gun.


In order to be easy to carry, the weight of the mini massage gun must be considered when selecting. If the weight of the massage gun is too heavy, even if the size is small, it will cause a burden to carry. At present, most of the mini massage guns on the market weigh between 450g and 600g. It is recommended to choose at least a mini massage gun below 500g, which is the most convenient size to use.

Massage strength

In order to reduce the weight and volume of the mini massage gun, most brands will choose to sacrifice the massage force of the massage gun, resulting in poor massage effect. If you usually exercise frequently, the requirements for massage force are relatively high. It is recommended before buying Choose according to the physical stroke (that is, our common amplitude) and the maximum speed of the mini massage gun. The physical stroke represents the massage force; the maximum speed represents the vibration frequency of the massage gun.

Battery Life

In order to be able to use it outdoors for a long time, battery life must also be considered when buying a mini massage gun. Generally speaking, the battery life of about 8 hours is enough to meet the needs of most people. Under normal use, it only needs to be charged once every 2 to 3 days.


Most of the mini-massage guns on the market do not have the function of anti-shock, and prolonged use will easily cause a burden on the wrist and forearm. Take the PISOOKA X Muscle Relaxation Mini Powerful Massage Gun as an example. It has patented anti-shock technology, which greatly reduces the burden of use and avoids additional sports injuries caused by excessive massage force.

Comparison of mini massage guns|How to choose popular mini massage guns?

The following is a compilation of the most discussed mini massage guns for you to help you understand detailed product information and choose the most suitable mini massage gun for you.w

Anti-shakeExclusive patentXX
Battery Life4hrs2.5 hrs3 hrs
Weight 0.77lbs/350g1.43lbs/650g1.5 lbs/ 680g

Project Mars | Professional sports recovery brand, relying on self-developed patents, is committed to providing you a variety of relief.

Key reasons for buying a Pisooka massage gun:

  1. Mini but powerful: The Pisooka massage gun is compact in size yet offers powerful performance, providing efficient and deep muscle relief.
  2. 4-speed adjustments: With up to 3200 RPM, the Pisooka massage gun features 4-speed adjustments to cater to different muscle needs and preferences.
  3. 9-mm amplitude for deep tissue: The 9-mm amplitude ensures effective deep tissue massages, addressing muscle tightness, soreness, and knots.
  4. Lightweight design: Weighing only 350g, the Pisooka massage gun is easy to handle, making massages more convenient and enjoyable.
  5. Unique shock-absorbing structure: The innovative shock-absorbing structure ensures zero burden on the wrist, enabling comfortable and extended use.
  6. Durable aluminum alloy shell with color options: The high-quality aluminum alloy shell is available in 3 color options, adding style and durability to the massage gun.
  7. Extended warranty program: Register for the extended program to receive a maximum 2-year warranty, providing peace of mind and long-term support for your purchase.

These key points make Pisooka an attractive choice for those seeking a reliable, high-quality, and user-friendly massage gun.





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