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about us

pisooka mini massage gun

Make massage easier

The Pisooka team comes from Taiwan and Ireland and firmly believes that everyone has the right to happiness. We are dedicated to reducing discomfort caused by soreness or enhancing comfort after exercise. Our vision is for comfort to happen anytime, anywhere.

The name “Pisooka” comes from the combination of the German word for “Pistole” and the English word for “Bazooka”. We hope to use Taiwan’s cutting edge technology and craftsmanship to make a handheld device that is as portable as a handgun but has the massage intensity of a cannon, becoming everyone’s best massage assistant.

Pisooka’s selling points are its lightweight, strong intensity, long battery life, metal design, excellent product quality, and outstanding after-sales service, which includes extended warranty and a 1-for-1 replacement service during the warranty period.

Quality, no compromise​