[Recommandation de pistolet de massage 2023] Saisissez les 6 principaux points d'achat et découvrez le meilleur choix de pistolet à fascia !

[Recommandation de pistolet de massage 2023] Saisissez les 6 principaux points d'achat et découvrez le meilleur choix de pistolet à fascia !

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2023 Massage Gun Recommendation. The massage gun is a good tool for relaxing muscles and fascia. Whether it is an athlete, the general public or an occupational therapist, a fascia gun can be used to enhance the effect of muscle relaxation. However, there are many types of fascia guns on the market. It is also difficult to find out the key points. How to choose a fascia gun that suits you? Let this article sort out the 6 key points for buying a fascia gun and the recommendation of a fascia gun for you to help you find the best choice for a fascia gun.

There are 6 key points for buying a fascia gun. What factors should be considered when buying a fascia gun?

There are many types of fascia guns on the market. Each brand will emphasize many special functions to attract consumers’ attention, but many functions are just gimmicks and cannot add points to the product’s performance. Pay special attention when purchasing. The following is a list for you 6 major considerations before buying:

1. Noise reduction function

When the fascia gun vibrates quickly, it will make a loud motor running sound, so most fascia guns will have a noise reduction design to reduce the noise during operation and improve the user experience. Everyone has different needs for noise reduction, and you can choose a product that is comfortable to use according to the usage situation.

2. Battery life

The battery life of fascia guns on the market is mostly between 1 and 5 hours, and there is basically no problem of insufficient power for a single use. However, if the frequency of use is high, or there is a need for long-term use outside, it is recommended to buy a battery life of 3 hours. The above products can avoid the situation of power shortage.

3. Massage intensity adjustment

According to the degree of muscle soreness and personal conditions, the fascia gun should be adjusted to different massage intensities in order to achieve the best massage effect. The frequency of the general fascia gun is about 40Hz, which is suitable for general muscle relaxation. If you are a person with high exercise intensity, it is recommended to use a frequency of about 45-50Hz, and the muscle relaxation effect will be better.

4. A variety of massage head options


In addition to adjusting the massage intensity, different massage heads are suitable for different muscle parts. Choosing a fascia gun that can replace a variety of massage heads can help relax the muscles of the whole body.

5. The weight of the fascia gun

The weight of the fascia gun is also an important consideration when purchasing. A fascia gun that is too heavy is not only inconvenient to carry, it will also cause a burden on the wrist and arm when using it.

6. Grip Length

If you want to use a fascia gun to massage yourself, the length of the grip should be considered in the purchase. Some fascia guns have too short a grip, and you can’t touch the middle part of your back when you massage yourself, so you have to ask others for help. .

How to choose the fascia gun that suits you? Use cases and conditions should also be considered

In addition to the above 6 major points of purchase, you must also consider your own conditions when purchasing a fascia gun in order to buy the most suitable product for you. It is recommended to consider the following 3 factors before purchasing:

1. Exercise habits

Everyone’s exercise habits and frequency are different, and the parts that are troubled by muscle soreness are also different. If the frequency of exercise is high, or the parts that are often troubled by soreness are large muscle groups (chest, back, legs), it is recommended to use massage with strong tendons Membrane gun; people with low exercise frequency do not need to pursue high-intensity massage.

2. Frequency of use

The frequency of use will mainly affect the choice of battery life. Some athletes need to train outside for a long time, and the requirements for battery life will be relatively high. About 3 to 5 days to charge once.

3. Application of fascia gun

In addition to relaxing muscles, some occupational therapists and physical therapists also use fascia guns as therapeutic aids. Compared with ordinary people, occupational therapists have higher functional requirements for fascia guns. The fascia gun with variable speed and replaceable massage heads can meet the needs of every patient.




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