Project Mars Co., Ltd.

Purchase Notes

You are welcome to experience and inspect the products. In order to protect your consumption rights, please read the following notices carefully:

<Exchange and Return Rules>
The company reserves the right to identify the product, except for the defect of the product that can be attributed to the store owner’s responsibility
1. If you need to replace the product, you can only accept the product and the package in a complete and clean state, within seven days from the date of purchase, with the purchase invoice to our store for replacement.

2. When replacing the product, the price will be handled according to the selling price on the day of replacement.
(When changing products of different styles, the price on the date of replacement is used as the benchmark. If there is a price difference, please make up for the difference in replacement.)

3. Return – Please return to our store with the following relevant documents within seven days from the date of purchase.
Cash – please bring the invoice of the shopping item.
Credit card – Please bring the invoice, credit card and credit card payment slip of the shopping product.

4. However, due to the consideration of customer hygiene rights, no refunds or exchanges are allowed for pure massage head products.

·The company reserves the right to make the final decision on exchange and return and the right to change the exchange and return rules.

other considerations
If there is a gift, it does not meet the gift conditions after returning the product, and the gift must be attached when returning the product.